Our Goals



Raise Awareness

DSRCT is a very rare soft tissue sarcoma that usually causes multiple tumors in the abdomen and pelvis area. It is a dangerous type of cancer and is often resistant to treatment. Boys and young men are about four times as likely to have DSRCT as girls and young women, it is usually diagnosed between ages 10 and 30.


Donate to research

MD Anderson Cancer Center is one of the top research hospitals in the United States and is actively researching DSRCT and other rare forms of cancer as well as running clinical trials for forms of treatment. Since they have started their research the 5-year survival rate has began to rise.


Honor Justin thornton

Justin was an incredible young man that was taken from us too soon. In honor of him we have combined some of the things he loved to create The JT Foundation. He was passionate about helping others, loved bringing people together, could have eaten spaghetti for every meal, and gave back when he could. So in remembrance of him we will eat spaghetti together on his birthday and raise money for a cure for the disease that cut his time short.


By sharing and donating to The JT Foundation you are helping us achieve these goals.